Do you know you can look much younger?

Sophia Loren has never had a facelift. It is noted in all her biographies and you can see it very clearly. With a facelift the skin is tighter but it is not rejuvenated and still looks dull. With Sophia you can see clearly how fresh and vibrant her skin still is. Would you like to know her secret? She drinks 5 liters of water and for the last 50 years has had a Galvanic Spa treatment twice a week. Would you like to look this good at the age of 73?

Galvanic Spar treatment in a beauty salon is very expensive. Now you too can get fantastic results in the luxury and privacy of your own home for a fraction of what you would pay at a commercial spa and can see amazing results in as little as one 10-15 minute treatment. It is simple, effective and a minimal cost.

Nu Skin® Galvanic Spa™ System II
We have a device the size of a cell phone that can erase line and wrinkles off of peoples faces in 10-12 minutes. We just introduced ageLOC! We spent seven years and millions of dollars with Purdue University researching and identifying the enzyme, arNOX, that produces free radical damage in people’s skin. And then a few million dollars later we developed ageLOC, a patented inhibitor that stops aging at the source. We guarantee that we can return the elasticity of your skin to that of an 18-20 year old in 60 days or you get your money back!

Here are some facts
        o  145 Million Spa Visits in 2007 in the US (Source:  Dunn & Br adstreet– Intl. Spa Assoc). 
        o   Globally Spas generate over $40 Billion in Revenue (Source: Forbes)
        o   Average spa client spends $143/ visit (Source: Forbes)
        o   Similar spa treatments range from $100-$200
        o   Nu Skin ageLOC Galvanic Spa Face Treatment - $8
ageLOC Galvanic Spa Package
All the benefits of your Spa Beauty at home, NOW with ageLOC.

ageLOC Edition Galvanic Spa System II
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Featuring flexible programmable timing and specially designed attachments for the face, body, and scalp, Galvanic Spa System II works synergistically with cutting edge skin care formulations designed to target and improve the healthy appearance of complexion, hair, and body
Nicole Kidman is using this Nu Skin ageLOC Galvanic Spa treatment now. She won't go on the red carpet without a Galvanic Spa Facial. Expand your home spa experience. Rejuvenate your complexion, revitalize your scalp, and refine your body with professional spa treatments—no appointment necessary, because now you can do it at home!. 
With four interchangeable conductors for the face, scalp and body, the Galvanic Spa System II allows you to experience multiple spa benefits—at home.
  • Face Conductor: Smooth conductor head for optimal results on the face.
  • Spot Treatment Conductor: This conductor head utilizes a flat, smooth, oval shaped treatment node that centralizes surface contact area, providing more targeted contact with the skin.
  • Body Conductor: Three rounded nodes maximize the contact for wider coverage and better massaging action.
  • Scalp Conductor: This comb-like conductor is easy to pull through your hair, keeping contact between the conductor and your scalp.

Nu Skin® Galvanic Spa™ System II Benefits

a)  Self-adjusting currents.   
     Not every person needs the same level of current. By having different current levels, the Nu Skin® Galvanic Spa™ II System allows each user to have the most comfortable and effective experience possible for their skin. To correctly adjust the current level to every individual, the instrument sends a controlled charge through the skin and measures how long it takes for the charge to return to the instrument. People with less conductive skin will get three beeps. People with more conductive skin will get a level two or one depending on their skin conductivity. This allows novice users to become instant galvanic experts.

b)  Interchangeable heads.
    Developed for use on multiple sites of the body, Nu Skin® Galvanic Spa™ II System comes with four easily interchangeable heads for the face, body, and scalp, helping to expand your home spa experience.

c)  Flexible timing.
    The Nu Skin® Galvanic Spa™ II System can be programmed for one, two, three, or five minute sessions allowing the user to customize the length of spa treatments, accommodating a wider range of applications—face, scalp, or body. Galvanic Treatments of five minutes increases the permeability of the skin for up to 24 hours allowing for enhanced benefits from your treatment products.

d)  User-selectable polarity.
    The user is able to manually select the instrument's polarity which increases the number of products available for use with the Nu Skin® Galvanic Spa™ System II

e)  An affordable option to spa treatments.
    Compared to traditional Galvanic treatments at Spa Centers, the Nu Skin® Galvanic Spa™ System II is a cost-effective investment delivering wonderful, re-energizing results.

f)  Convenience.
    Nu Skin® Galvanic Spa™ System II features user-selectable polarity, increasing the number of products usable with galvanic currents. Flexible program timing accommodates a wider range of applications—face, body, and scalp. Replaceable batteries eliminates cords, adapters and dependence on electrical outlets. It can be used at home without taking the time to make an appointment and go to the spa.

g)  Enhanced delivery of key ingredients. 

    Nu Skin's patent-pending discovery, based on carefully controlled research, reveals that galvanic treatments of five minutes can enhance the delivery of key ingredients for up to 24 hours, including active ingredients contained in subsequently applied advanced anti-aging products. 

The result is amazing even after one single treatment
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How does this work. Well without getting too complicated, the self-adjusting galvanic unit automatically measures the ability of your skin to conduct currents. The patented micro chip we developed automatically sets the micro current level for your skin each time you use the device.

Just think of two magnets with like polarity that repel each other and opposite polarities that attract each other.