Aging is Inevitable. How You Age Is Completely Up To You

AGELOC Technology—A New Era In Anti-Aging

ageLOC embodies Nu Skin's most comprehensive, anti-aging opportunity and product offering to date. With products that target aging at its source, ageLOC spans both skin care and nutritional supplementation. We believe our unique approach to anti-aging gives Nu Skin a competitive advantage over other companies and places us at the forefront of the anti-aging industry.
We are really saying let’s go to the root cause of aging and see what we can do to either reduce that cause of aging or somehow stop it from doing further damage to the skin or to the rest of our internal organs. That is what ageLOC is all about. In addition to the signs and symptoms of aging, ageLOC is able to take care of multiple sources of aging on the skin and in the body as well.
Nu Skin is taking the science of anti-aging to a completely new level by studying the genetic origins of how and why we age. Developed by Nu Skin in collaboration with leading scientists, ageLOC science is based on the discovery of internal sources of aging that contribute to an aging appearance, what Nu Skin calls age-related super markers, or arSuperMarkers. Nu Skin’s exclusive ageLOC science targets these arSuperMarkers—the ultimate sources of aging that can influence how we age.

Based on this discovery, Nu Skin is able to identify critical arSuperMarkers called Youth Gene Clusters, which are functional groups of genes that regulate how we appear to age. Only ageLOC’s proprietary science understands how to reset these Youth Gene Clusters to their youthful patterns of activity. This revolutionary discovery is based upon Nu Skin’s exclusive collaborations with leading scientists around the globe, millions of dollars in development, and years of combined anti-aging and genetic research.

Our difference is demonstrated through our products. As an anti-aging leader, our innovative products offer exclusive benefits that can be demonstrated. Our brands offer a wide variety of opportunities that improve lives around the world.


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